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hi there!

welcome aboard builders

let's get you up to date with the storyline so far

back in 2023, we ZxStim, Paulus and Dylan started a small meet up series concept that later got backed by Dorahacks team called BUIDL Station (hope you have heard of it!) in Vietnam. We were tired of the endless low quality meetups, repetitive talking points and no real actions. The series went viral with tons of other communities adopting it. So far, we have hosted over 52 sessions, and many more sessions from other communities.

then right about Q1 of 2024, we started an extension hacker house concept for BUIDL Station. The reviews are still rolling in but so far, everyone loves it.

so now, we plan to take this global.

but we don't want to just become another souless marketing agency.

we want to make this into a global hacker movement,

a station for builders to shape the future of the world,

and thus buildstation is born!

so join us, let's build the future together.

Your frens

Zxstim, Paulus, Dylan